About Mariam Z


A mother who loved to dress up her daughter in every tutu, dress, and cape that was available, a 5-year-old daughter who ran around in her mother’s high heels (and broke them), put the two together and fast forward 15 years and you have Mariam Z. Created by Mother and Daughter duo, Mariam Z is an American contemporary fashion brand aiming to bring luxury capes and jackets to every woman’s closet. Designed in Los Angeles, made in New York, and inspired by the world Mariam and Zahra bring to life “Statement style for the everyday Woman”. With an emphasis on statement pieces highlighting every outfit, Mariam Z creates stunning and versatile designs that make you feel like you are in the spotlight.
Mariam Z hopes to expand our digital footprint by inspiring women to branch out of their comfort zone and find originality in their style - delivering fiercely feminine pieces infused with a luxury feel. Mariam Z’s designs cater to the modern woman who believes in standing out and finding their confidence through incorporating unexpected pieces. Look good, feel GREAT.


Mariam - Co-founder & CEO

Mariam, super mom, former systems & data analyst, and born fashionista has always had the itch to design. Born in East Africa, raised in London, England and Vancouver, Canada, finally settling down with her techie husband and three kids in Northern California; Mariam has truly experienced it all.  When she realized she could never find the perfect cape, she had to fix that. In 2015, Mariam grabbed her oldest daughter and started conceptualizing the future designs that were to come.

Zahra - Co-Founder & Creative Director

With fashion in her blood, Zahra has grown up with amazing influence from her mom, but also after developing an affinity for design while in the art department in high school, she moved to New York City at only 18 years old to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer and worked as a production and design intern at Romeo and Juliet Couture — the company that brought CW Gossip Girl’s wardrobe to life. After working at Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus and Charlotte Olympia she realized her dream was to start her own brand. What better way to do this than with your best friend? Four years later she moved to Los Angeles, started working on the digital side of Mariam Z and quickly realized she had found her dream job.